Built in Africa

The competition for African tech talent is heating up. 5 tech startups focused primarily on hiring highly talented remote African software developers have raised upwards of $200m. Turing, Tunga, and Andela are at the frontiers of this new burgeoning afro-talent sourcing industry.

These companies often pay monthly salaries upwards of…

Scala Programming:

To begin writing Akka apps using Scala, you need to first get a clear understanding of some advanced, but easily understandable, concepts of the Scala programming language.

These concepts include among others; Pattern matching, Polymorphism (Polymorphic methods), Traits, Case Classes, and Sealed classes.

Pattern Matching:

Scala has a built-in general pattern matching…

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Agnostics love to claim that there was no external hand needed to jump start the universe into existence — they claim that Math and Physics alone can explain how the universe came into existence.
Well — it turns out they’re theologically and scientifically wrong.

The Standard Model predicts that the…

Vakindu Philliam

Below average chess player. Imperfect. A Work in Progress. Backend Developer. Blockchain Developer. Data Science. Christ loved me first. 1 John 4:19

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